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IndiNeem is the leading manufacturer of Cold Pressed Neem oil for Human health, Cosmetic, Animal care, Sanitisation, Neem based Insecticide formulations, Neem cake powder, and fertilizer. Neem-based crop protection products, apart from being eco–friendly is the best alternative to synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Apart from these, we integrate neem in some of our best beauty products like Aromatic Oil, Indi Red Wine Soap for Skin, IndiHerb Versatile Skin Care Glycerin, IndiNeem Pure Herbal Karanj Oil, the best edibles like IndiHerb Herbal Ashwagandha Powder, IndiNeem Eco-Friendly Organic Neem Cake Powder, IndiHerb Immunity Booster, and other essentials such as IndiNeem Neem Nite Mosquito Repellent. All the products are 100% organic with No added preservatives, No additives.

Our manufacturing unit is located in central India, surrounded by dense Neem forest in the region. We accumulate the best quality of Neem seed to produce the best Neem products at our state-of-the-art facility.

We deal with the export of Neem all across the globe. Some of our Global markets include the USA, Canada, Italy, Albania, and Domestic markets are Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Delhi, and many more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to solve the global problem of the detrimental effects of synthetic chemicals on human health and the environment. Also, we aim to deliver natural neem-based insecticides to farmers all over the world that contain Azadirachtin as an active ingredient. We will do so by manufacturing high-quality products that are approved for organic use.

What we are aiming at?

Acquisition of Blue Dolphin, which is into manufacturing of Neem oil, Neem fertilizers, Neem bio-pesticide.

Employ farmers and tribal people and thereby improving their life and motivation for more collection of Neem.

Expansion of markets globally along with domestic market with a target of covering 50 countries within five years time frame

Supplying 100% organic and pure Neem products in the field of cosmetics, edibles, sanitization, animal care and many more.

Taking into consideration the drawbacks of relying solely on chemical fertilizers, as well as the fact that pesticide residue regulations are becoming more rigorous by the day. We came to appreciate the need to use environmentally friendly organic products as agricultural inputs. Neem is an old tree of Indian origin that contains more than 100 different bioactive chemicals that are not found in any other plant. They have the potential to be used in environmental services and provide benefits in agriculture, animal care, and public health, among other areas.

Inventory Management

We have a state-of-the-art warehousing facility equipped with the latest inventory control systems. As a result, we can accurately maintain large raw material data, finished goods, and sourced products. Additionally, it helps us in maintaining a record of more in-demand products.

Delivery Policy

Working with us is a qualified and specialized team of delivery experts all over the globe who undertake the task of making sure that the products reach the buyers. Our delivery experts ensure that the product reaches intact conditions and well within the promised time.

Quality Control

We ensure the freshness and quality of every product that we package. Special attention is paid to ensuring that that the range is securely packaged using the latest materials. We also try to find newer methods to lock the products fresh for our buyers.

Why choose us?

Our goods are designed to specifically address the severe, modern-day concerns about environmental degradation and the harm posed to human health due to chemical inputs, both of which are addressed in our products.

Our products are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, naturally, protect crops, are safe to use, and can assist in increasing crop yields, among other things. Also, if you are looking for skincare products look no further, we have got the best and chemical-free products for you.